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Here in the Northern Hemisphere the heat of summer is full upon us, with equally oppressive humidity and poor air circulation as is typical for the Midatlantic region where I live.Read More →

In this article a different type of shaping, called clip and grow, is discussed. As was touched upon last week, one must be vigilant with training wire to observe the tree and make certain that the growth of the branches does not become constricted by the coils of wire. Wire marks– depending upon their severity– can over time disappear on some varieties of trees. For other trees, it’s ruined permanently, and the only solution would be to cut off the branch and start training a new one, or change the design to incorporate this newly discovered ‘negative space’!Read More →

If you work for any length of time at all with bonsai, you must understand and be comfortable with the process of ‘wiring’ your tree. Wire is used in bonsai for a number of reasons– none of which directly harm, stunt, or restrict the tree’s growth, contrary to some opinions outside the bonsai community. Simply put, wire is applied to the trunk and branches of a tree in order to hold the desired shape of the tree’s design. Wire is an almost constant companion to a bonsai throughout its formative years and into its old age. It’s the rare bonsai, in fact, that does notRead More →